Roman Zoccolo is a nickname of a photographer Roman Sokolov.

Born in Leningrad, USSR (currently Saint Petersburg, Russia) in 1989.

Studied art and design since 2005.

Graduated from A.Galperin's Faculty of Photojournalism in 2012.

Worked with TimeOut Petersburg magazine (2011-2015), Petersburg TV (2011), Suvorov Military School Petersburg (2015), Petersburg Realty (2011-2016), University of Eastern Finland (2016), Graduate School of Management (St. Petersburg State University) (2016), UBER (2015), Chistaya Liniya (2016), St.Petersburg International Cultural Forum (2016), Russia 2018 (2017), Kvapų namai (2017).

Roman does documentary photographs, depicting people, city landscape and nature.

Design by Marina Buchman